M109 is a member of the Ursa Major Galaxy Cloud and is about 55 million light years away from Earth and running away from us at an approximate speed of 1142 kilometers per second



M109 Galaxy


March 9, 2013


Telescope: Takahashi Sky 90II with F/4.5 reducer/flattener

Camera: SBIG ST-2000XM w/ CFW9v2 (Astronomik HaLRGB)

Autoguider: Orion Starshoot

Guidescope: Orion 80mm Shorty

Mount: Celestron CG-5 Mount

Exposure Info:

L: 12 x 5 min

R: 8 x 3 min (2×2 binned)

G: 8 x 3 min (2×2 binned)

B: 8 x 3 min (2×2 binned)

2 hours 12 minutes


Maxim DL 5.23, Photoshop CS6


This is the best image I can get of this galaxy with my telescope.  Guiding is good and focus is good but I need a larger focal length telescope to get any detail from the galaxy. Also, the star lack color as I think they are oversaturated.

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  • M109  says:

    […] Finally got around to processing and posting an image I took of M109. My telescope is not the greatest to image galaxies but that does not stop me. M109-LRGBddpv2.jpg The exposure was a little over 2 hours in LRGB. Details on the image can be found here: M109 | Interstellar StarGazer […]

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